Our Go To Guide to Your BAS Due Dates

BAS Due Dates

Wondering when your BAS is due? There are a lot of different due dates depending on the frequency of your BAS lodgements and who is lodging them. Things can change and it’s always best to keep up to date with the ATO by checking the ATO website. Below is a general guide on BAS due dates. 

Quarterly BAS Due Dates

It’s always best to check the ATO website but generally, quarterly BAS’s are due 28 days after the final date of the quarter. For example:

Quarter 1: July, August and September. Quarter due date = 28 October

Quarter 2: October, November and December. Quarter due date = 28 February

Quarter 3: January, February and March. Quarter due date = 28 April

Quarter 4: April, May and June. Quarter due date = 28 July.

Monthly Reporting

When lodging your BAS monthly, the lodgement date is the 21st of the following month. For example 

July: Monthly BAS due date is 21 August.

August: Monthly BAS due date is 21 September

Annual Bas Due Date

The due date to lodge and pay your annual GST return is 31 October.

Using a registered BAS Agent

Unless you’re a business owner or an employee of that business, only a registered BAS agent can lodge a BAS. There are many benefits to using a BAS agent, one of them being that BAS agents get more time to lodge quarterly BAS statements - an extra four weeks generally.  This deferred BAS reporting and payment is a huge help for some business cash flow.

What is A BAS Agent?

 A BAS Agent is fully licensed by, and registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). 

What does a BAS Agent do?

A BAS Agent can advise you on your requirements regarding things like: 

  • GST.

  • Payroll, including the withholding of tax amounts and associated reporting requirements.

  • Wine Tax, Fuel Tax, and Luxury Car Tax.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) payments.

  • Taxable Payments Annual Reporting (TPAR) system.

  • The Superannuation Guarantee system.

Our Online BAS Agents are also great at helping business owners set up processes and policies to ensure their business doesn’t run into any compliance issues. 

Read our blog on What BAS is, how to lodge your BAS online and how often you need to.  If you think it might be time to get help from one of our Registered BAS Agents, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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